How to Leverage Videos In Your Content Strategy

How to Leverage Videos In Your Content Strategy

How to Leverage Videos In Your Content Strategy

In recent times, videos have proven to be the most effective content formats in the social media industry. If you haven’t yet fully embraced them as a hero of your content strategy, it’s the right time, because you are missing out on higher engagement rates and sales. Looking to reach a large online audience? It’s totally worth investing in a video production company in Mumbai

It has been predicted time and again that video streaming accounts for a majority of internet traffic. Therefore, video is clearly the winner when it comes to content marketing format. Let’s explore how to use long and short video content, live-streams, and stories.

Make the most of long & short-format video content

YouTube is not the only channel that provides social video content. These days Facebook, Instagram, YouTube all offer Short-form and long-form video content. Most social media platforms have now embraced it completely as well.  It could be designed for educational pieces, product reviews, interviews, or any other sort of demonstration answering a specific target audience. Choosing to create a long video gives you the chance to cover topics as well as dig into the details.

While longer videos have their perks, when it comes to creating engaging videos, less is more. We have to capture viewers’ attention amid endless distractions, so short and impactful videos work best. In fact, videos shorter than 2 minutes have the highest engagement rates. Reels, for example, has a short video, set to music, based around the challenge with the objective to entertain and connect with the audience. This highly engaging content is attracting more and more brands to the platform and is being adopted by the best video production companies in Mumbai.

Embrace Stories and Live Video

Stories are an excellent platform to build awareness and connections with your TG.  By sharing snippets on how the products are made, what they are about, and how they can benefit, you can share content that is personalized and engaging for a specific TG. It also allows more interaction using polls asking questions, and reply features for example.

The swipe-up features make Stories one of the best features for driving website visits. Stories let you thread shorter videos to create a story, build brand awareness by telling the story of a product or service. For example, Nike uses stories as interviews to share real-life inspiring stories of athletes to promote wider discussion of sports, inclusion, and equality.

Use Video to Drive Sales With Ambest

Ambest is one of the best video production services agencies in Mumbai. We help you create out-of-the-box engaging videos to promote your products and services. Video marketing is an important step in driving sales. We’re also in touch with influencers and brand ambassadors who can be teamed up with to make product reviews and to help build and grow your brand. Bringing products to life through these videos will help potential customers get details about your product,  which is way better than long product descriptions on an eCommerce site.

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How to Leverage Videos In Your Content Strategy

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