Influencer Marketing Trends That You Must Know In 2022

Influencer Marketing Trends That You Must Know In 2022

Influencer Marketing Trends That You Must Know In 2022

Influencer marketers have had a lot to learn in the new normal, especially with the rise of eCommerce and the growth of new social platforms. With the beginning of another bright new chapter 2022, we hope you could make a difference with these important ongoing trends shaping the influencer marketing landscape.

Feel free to learn from these key influencer marketing trends in 2022 to rock your influencer marketing strategy for this year. The industry is consistently growing and maturing, and will offer businesses loads of opportunities for growth, utilizing the latest technology to make authentic and profitable partnerships.

Influencers will be key partners in delivering a smooth shopping experience

We are living in a world of endless distractions and possibilities where consumers are looking for the easiest way to shop things they want. However, brand loyalty is decreasing day by day. This means brands are less likely to buy from brands. New routines have translated into new shopping habits and this means a preference for digital.

Diminishing brand loyalty isn’t actually bad, as it means an opportunity for brands to convert new customers by offering a smooth shopping experience. If you can tap into the needs of customers, you can deliver it on any corresponding platform, your social media, via mobile app, or a website will do best to capture new customers. So influencers can assist you in this by becoming a key partner.

Influencers will make excellent partners in delivering this experience by converting awareness into purchases on influencer marketing platforms. Reason being, influencer marketing campaigns can be crucial to generating not just brand awareness but facilitating online sales. Make such partnerships to reach your target audience with product recommendations. Furthermore, along any purchase journey, influencers can give a proof by validating the product, product information, and help deliver the right message, on the right platform, at the right time, driving sales.

Scale Affiliate Marketing with Influencers

Blending influencer marketing with affiliate marketing can not only help brands increase sales, but incentivize influencers, and better track their performance. Social media influencers boast a high online reach, meaning they can help grow your customer base and efficiently scale the impact of your affiliate campaign by directly generating sales with affiliate links.

Brands are constantly looking to maximize their return on investment and ensure they are running profitable marketing strategies. So it means in 2022 we can see more brands activating influencers in their affiliate marketing campaigns. They will be able to capitalize on their influencers’ reach to generate more revenues. An affiliate model will help to keep influencers as long-term partners, as they will be paid a share of profits.

Insta Reels/YouTube Shorts creators will continue to make trends

Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts are designed for higher engagement. This has also increased their potential to go viral, all thanks to the possibility of reaching masses. Many creators team up with their favorite brands to feature the products in content that is funny, engaging, and doesn’t feel like an ad. This makes these platforms all the more compelling and powerful for driving commerce trends. In 2022, we can count on these platforms to feature and promote the greatest viral trends.

The role of influencers will be increasingly in demand

One of the top trends in 2022 will be consistent professionalization of creators, all thanks to new monetization models on social media platforms. Such platforms know the value these influencers bring to audiences on their platforms. As the potential of influencers to drive sales will grow, brands and apps need to consider how to compensate and incentivize influencers as partners to succeed.

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Influencer Marketing Trends That You Must Know In 2022

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