What Marketing Trends are Topping the Charts in 2020?

What Marketing Trends are Topping the Charts in 2020?

What Marketing Trends are Topping the Charts in 2020?

Marketing trends have a dynamic nature and they change rapidly. A marketing concept that was a sensational trend once might be an obsolete one the next year. From one of the best digital marketing companies in Mumbai, explore the marketing trends of 2020 and get ready to win the marketing race.

1.    Social media shoppable posts

Majority of your customers are available online. You only need to reach them in the right manner. By the virtue of social media, you can market your products with a shoppable post. It directly leads to the customer to the product decreasing their hassle of finding it and has a better conversion rate.


2.    Visually interactive content

Would you consider displaying the product simply or making a visually interactive and attractive video to market your product? Visually interactive content make the customers precisely scrutinize your product. It provides them with a realistic approach, in turn, developing their purchasing interest.


3.    Conversational marketing

When your consumers have a query, they demand an immediate answer. Conversational marketing facilitates interaction between marketers and customers. It improves customer experiences and improving brand trust and loyalty.


4.    Personalised experiences

Stand out in 2020 with personalized services to your customers. Generic marketing strategies are often neglected and people find it annoying. According to a digital marketing company in Mumbai, personalised marketing mails and services experience a better response and conversion rates. So, what would you choose for your next marketing strategy?


5.    Influencers

In the growing social world, billions of people use social media. Why not use it as the next marketing platform. But here is a twist. You can have social media influencers, celebrities and other famous personalities to post your products on their profiles. It is often taken as a positive clue by the masses when their loved personality shows it off.


6.    Pinterest and Google lens

Visual search is the next top trend of marketing of 2020. The lens offered by Pinterest and Google allows the users to search the product through the images. It might happen that they might not know the names or product model. Your presence here can make you get noticed and gain customers.


7.    Push notifications

A digital marketing company in India states that push notifications are often noticed and clicked upon by individuals. Having offers, discounts and attractive deals presented to them in the form of push notifications can be a great marketing move.


8.    Immersive technology and augmented reality


What if you get a chance to try a lipstick shade before your purchase it online? You would love the idea. Furnish your customers with such experiences and allow them to experience the benefits of augmented reality and immersive technology.

What Marketing Trends are Topping the Charts in 2020?

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