Why Use Instagram Reels in Social Media Video Production

Why Use Instagram Reels in Social Media Video Production

Why Use Instagram Reels in Social Media Video Production

In a world where things are always on the move, changing rapidly, picking up trends will reap countless benefits.  One of the not so recent but extremely popular trends featured on Instagram is Reels. These short videos have the opportunity to engage millions of people globally. They are creative, short, and a must-have for any marketing strategy.

As per Vishal Shah, Head of Product for Instagram, “We have not historically been very good at helping new creators find an audience. The pitch for new creators is that Reels is a way for you to get discovered. It’s a way for you to find a global audience.”

Video production companies in Mumbai and worldwide are now adopting this amazing marketing strategy. Here’s why it is so important:

The Spotlight is on Reels

At a time when social media was full of trite-old campaigns, reels brought a refreshing approach to engage with millions. It employs a powerful addictive formula, “less is more” to attract IG users. Inspired by the very popular TikTok, fast, fun, and interactive videos are what keeps the viewers glued on the screen wanting for more. 

Reels not only entertain and educate your followers i.e. your potential customers but also lets you showcase your personality, along with your products and services. With reels, you can team up with your business partners to create more engaging content that helps you expose yourself to new audiences.

Top-range Editing Tools

What makes Instagram Reels stand out?

The concept to create short, addictive, and engaging videos works well with audiences of all age groups. What’s More? The impressive edit features like a timer, countdown option, make filming so much easier. Add texts to the videos, which can appear, disappear, move, and more. Pick your favorite musical sounds from the existing library, integrate them at any given moment in the video to make it impactful. Other features include a transition option to align objects from one clip to the start of another. There’s another option to play with the speed video in full or specific parts. Plus, like other platforms IG, has a lot of filter options to make your videos slicker and cleaner.

Instagram Gives Priority to Reels

If you open Instagram actively, you would know that it encourages some features more than others. It’s quite evident that reels are prioritized. The fact that the reels explorer button is given the most prominent position in the app says quite a lot.

Why Should Businesses Focus on Reels?

It’s an opportunity to grow followers organically. If you’re updated with the trends, post engaging content that is informative and interesting for your potential customers, it reflects in your brand image as fresh and relevant. Keep in mind that viewers are more likely to follow you if your brand is up-to-date with the latest trends.

Billions of Users Are Active on IG Each Month

IG has a billion plus users today. These users have the access to reels on their explore page, and in their own feed. So why not create engaging reels for your viewers. These reels are easy to create for personal use as well as professionally. For professional reels, you can also get in touch with any professional agency in Mumbai for video production services

Reels are:

  • Trending & Interactive
  • Awesome Editing Tools
  • Users Already Love It
  • Prioritized by IG
  • Available to Billions of Users

Use Reels To Drive Sales With Ambest

Ambest offers one of the best professional video editing services in Mumbai. We help you create out-of-the-box engaging videos to promote your products and services. Video marketing is an important step in driving sales. Bringing products to life through these videos will help potential customers get details about your product, which is way better than long product descriptions on an eCommerce site.

Connect with us to know more at info@ambestmedia.com

Why Use Instagram Reels in Social Media Video Production

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