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Top In Town has a distribution presence in retail stores across India since more than 30 years. Be it any type of rain protection wear requirement, for any age or gender, Top In Town has a stylish ensemble in coats, jackets, overalls etc. The company is mainly known within the distributor networks and retail shop owners as a premium quality brand for rainwear. Today, the forward looking brand seeks to break through the clutter and establish a strong brand identity through innovative communication strategies.

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While the competitor brands restrict their selves majorly to catalogue prints and B2B communication, Top In Town aims to leverage the pre-monsoon season fully and deliver a memorable campaign across India, and focusing mainly on western Indian states, using mass communication platforms – to generate buzz and great customer recall. It aims to transcend the brand identity from a mainly B2B brand to a B2C brand; rejuvenate the brand just before the monsoon season.

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Monsoon in India precedes the brutal summer season. Where summer is known to create physical distances between people, monsoon, on the other hand, is famed for bringing people closer. It is the season of love and romance. Taking a cue from this, Monsoon Wala Love campaign was born. A refreshing and clutter-breaking campaign that prompts the viewer to get out in the rain with their loved ones in their finest rainwear. The campaign photoshoot perfectly captures the emotions and the vibe of monsoon. Relatable, fun, exciting, romantic and stylish the campaign brought the essence of the monsoons out like nothing else could.


umbrella imgThe targets audience includes India’s young urban professionals, school students and college going masses – in an effortless manner.

Using outdoor and public transport platforms to connect with Pan-India audience in close and intimate way. “Monsoon Wala Love” campaign brings together two of the most intimate experience every Indian experiences at around this time of the year. A contemporary yet everlasting message.


Looking up while travelling you may spot the dark looming clouds, but breaking that dreary backdrop is a  bright and inviting Top In Town hoarding.

The hoarding perfectly sums up the campaign, but most importantly, it does that very quickly – in a glance –  ideal for the busy city life. The banners are designed smartly to make the product take the centre-stage.

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One cannot overlook the lifeline of Mumbai – western railways – while aiming to present a brand campaign to the entirety of the city. Naturally, the campaign took a new life within the walls and facades of the trains, while also occupying space on the platform. Long train stays made people take deep notice and start discussing it with other commuters. The brand “Top In Town” metamorphosed to become the “Talk of Town”.

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It’s raining outside, you have hot cuppa coffee in your hands. Standing by the window and longing to go out, you open Facebook on your phone. The Top In Town Facebook page with interesting titbits on rain had every visitor hooked. Proving to be an excellent avenue to consolidate the brand image and let audience get exposed to the “Monsoon Wala Love” campaign.


An unexpected shower can bring the street walking crowd scampering for a cover. And most probably that place would be a bus shelter. What better place to showcase Top In Town’s monsoon wear range. The colourful posters and the inviting imagery truly created a deep impact across the city. Beautiful bus coverings, while mesmerising to look at, took to the message far and wide – to the deepest corners of the city.

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Before you get ready to go out and brace the strong, gusty monsoon season, a unique and intriguing print ad will help you equip you perfectly for the rains. The print ad campaign in the leading English and regional dailies managed to do just that…efficiently.

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The “Monsoon Wala Love” campaign shoot was executed a good two months prior to monsoons. The photoshoot was done under a blazing sun and dusty condition. It needed a lot of work, as you can imagine, to bring out the monsoon magic and really make the viewers relive the mood through the pictures. The end results were highly appreciated by customers, distributors and retailers alike.

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