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ATL/BTL Campaign | Digital Media

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GrowMore Space is a development company consisting of experienced civil engineers, architects, structural engineers, RCC consultants, legal advisors, promoters and builders who have successfully handled projects of huge magnitude across the city of Mumbai and surrounding suburbs.

the goal

To be identified as the preferred solution for budget homes in northwest Mumbai.

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Finding and attracting the right TG towards Bliss  In one of Mumbai’s remote locations – Malwani, Malad (W)


The brand evolution was pushed forward through a lucid yet carefully crafted design strategy – keeping in mind the TG: middle to upper middle class, salaried and mostly belonging to the minority community. The colours used were bright, and welcoming, while the logo projected a trustworthy and aspirational appeal.

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Necessary steps were taken to extend the brand identity to all important avenues, such as site office, project location and other places enroute the project.

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Out Of Home

Malwani is generally reached through personal (bikes, cars) and public transportation (buses, rickshaws). The set routes from station to location and the generally slow traffic helped busback advertising play a huge role in reaching out to the right oudience


After considering the TG and identifying major outdoor touchpoints, an effective hoarding campaign was floated. The hoardings helped us show the project in a larger than life way and due to their sizes also created the right emphassis and aura around the project.

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Targeted communication through local newspaper ads and newspaper inserts increased awareness and, consequently, generated a lot of enquiries.

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Easy on the eye and fingers, the project website was created to be an enriching experience for the visitor. Big, bright images with attractive banners, eye-catching features, and CTA occupied the space neatly. Blogs were created and appended to further enrich user experience.


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An exciting avenue to connect with the target group. Various major social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram were utilised to create a social stage where we communicated, interacted with and gauged the intended demography.


Blogs are some of the most interesting and potent weapons in a brands arsenal. The effects and impressions take time yet a sustained effort and rapport with the TG renders rich dividends in the long run. We’re proud to state that the blogs were received much more warmly than anticipated.

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  • 711 – Leads Generated  /  4,023 – Link Clicks
  • 7,62,594 – Total Impressions
  • Created Tremendous Buzz among the TG
  • 50+ Flats Sold in Project One
  • Gained invaluable reputation in Market
  • Gained trust and confidence of TG & Investors

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