Logo Design Services to Enhance Your Brand Identity

Logo Design Services to Enhance Your Brand Identity

Logo Design Services to Enhance Your Brand Identity

A logo is what adds identity, value and weightage to a company profile. It creates a sense of authenticity for customers, corporates and partners. Be it a business to business outreach or a business to consumer outreach, logo is what people come across in the first glance about a brand. Therefore, to make a company name a brand, having an attractive and impactful logo is a must.

If you plan to take your business to a new milestone, do it with a creative & inspiration logo. How? Don’t know yet? Here is what you need to know:

Building Your Brand Identity With a Logo:

A product based or a service based company would want to deliver a message or a story to their consumers, and its logo would indicate that. The concept is quite different from the brand name. For example, Hindustan lever has so many products under its name, but its logo speaks for all of the products it encompasses. This is how, it stands for your brand identity. Amazon, Flipkart, One Drive, Wikipedia are a few more examples that be quite a definition to this concept.

To build your brand identity note down these steps:

1.    Reach out to a graphic designer

For businesses of any size or shape, startup or well-established, finding logo design services in Mumbai is trouble-free. However, you must know your requirements well, your company’s journey, your products and more. By listing down what you are looking for, opting the type of designer that matches your ideas will be easier. Reach out to a skillful expert wherein you would get multiple ideas to work with making it quite feasible to finalise and becomes memorable. 

If you have a graphics designer in your company, logo designing can be quite easy as the employee would be more aware of your company’s journey, product/service and more importantly your end-customers.

2.    Visualise your company’s purpose to narrate through the design

To add a story to your brand identity, visualising the company’s purpose will deliver the correct message to your consumers. The design purpose here is not just to deliver a message to the end-users but to imprint it in their minds. If you can illustrate and present it to the designer well, he/she will definitely show you the output that everyone will appreciate.

Based on the industry type your business falls under, graphic design companies in Mumbai can help you with the best blueprint that narrates your tale smartly.

3.    Offer Customer Engaging Elements

Imagine if Instagram logo was in gray, do you think it suits its purpose? No, right? Because a picture sharing platform cannot be defined with gray. Similarly, there are a few elements to your brand identity that must be considered for customer engagement.

Let us learn about the key elements:

  • Color:  Color or colors catch the eye when in the right shade, gradient or just solid form. See if it expresses your brand, check if it influences a potential buyer’s decision, & conduct a short survey before you finalise a design. More importantly, if your brand markets multiple types of products, verify if the creative design color is suitable and visible on all of these packages. Comparably, check if the logo design fits well with website design, social pages and other marketing platforms too.
  • Typeface: If your logo has a text, choosing the correct font, font size and alignment is vital. You can choose from classic to modern design of typography designs that conveys a strong brand message.
  • Presentation: One of the essential design elements is presentation. Make sure there isn’t too much white space or negative space between two graphical elements or it might make the entire outlook shabby. Work with your creative graphic design agency in Mumbai to make the final output of logo design presentable.

When all the elements are set and ready with different options to select from, for beta testing, go with the simplest of all. This is because the more simple it is the more clear it would appear to your buyer – after all a logo must standout to your consumers, an identity worth remembering.

Logo Design Services to Enhance Your Brand Identity

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