Does Your Business Have a Mobile Friendly Website?

Does Your Business Have a Mobile Friendly Website?

Does Your Business Have a Mobile Friendly Website

It is not a secret anymore that smartphones have completely transformed how the world functions. According to available data, nearly 80 per cent of the population makes use of a mobile to find answers to any kind of query in a day. This indicates that a mobile-optimized website is a must for any kind of business to reach the target audience.

Furthermore, responsive website designing ensures that the site is adapted to the small screen of your phone. It not only provides a great user experience but also keeps the products of your business at the touch of the fingertips of the customers!

5 Reasons Why a Mobile Website is Important!

In these times, customers are more accustomed to seamless mobile experiences for every small thing – right from ordering food online to booking a cab for reaching a particular destination. As mobile phones become more affordable, businessmen have become smarter today. If you are not having a mobile-friendly version for the business website, it means you are missing out on a huge portion of traffic and potential audience in the market. Also, it is now possible to avail of the website design and development services in Mumbai or any other location to get a mobile-friendly website for your business. Here are 5 reasons why a mobile website is a must for your business:

  • Mobile content is easily shareable

One of the simplest ways to increase your business organically is by giving an option to customers to share the content on your page through social media and messaging platforms. It will assist to increase traffic to your website.

  • The business reputation is dependent on it! 

Customers today trust more websites that have a user-friendly design, are popular and easy to navigate as it promotes the brand. According to available data, 61% of the users are unlikely to return to a bad website if it gives them an unsatisfactory experience

  • It is the best solution to improve SEO!

As per the Google statement of February 2015, mobile friendliness has been a key factor in deciding the ranking of a business website. It means a mobile-friendly website is now a prime factor to decide the page speed score, overall performance and design elements on the webpage are essential for attracting customers. 

  • A direct connection with the clients

One of the biggest benefits of a mobile-friendly website for your business is the customers can directly connects with customer executives without any hassles! This improved communication between both the parties serves as a plus point for business promotion

  • Rise in shopping using mobiles

As per the statistics, in 2021, products ordered from mobile commerce accounted for nearly 72.9%. Furthermore, 88% of people today will search for a local shop on their handset before paying a physical visit to the store. 

Optimize your mobile website today!

Ambest Brand Communication Agency is the web designing company in Mumbai that you should go for to get a mobile-friendly business website. We take pride in providing consistent creative output as per the expected standards for your business growth within your budget. To give your business a new emotional connection with its respective audience, contact us

Does Your Business Have a Mobile Friendly Website?

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