How Digital World Makes Social Distancing Easier During COVID-19

How Digital World Makes Social Distancing Easier During COVID-19

How Digital World Makes Social Distancing Easier During COVID-19

It wasn’t long ago when intellectuals and social researchers across the world were debating the pros and cons of digital media; the existence or non-existence of value additions in our lives through various social networking platforms; and, of course, the adverse impact of a life lived virtually ­– online, away from friends and family. 


Oh, how things have changed now.


The COVID-19 pandemic has left almost everyone around the globe homebound. With only a few comforts at their disposal, digital media has, without a shadow of a doubt, become a boon for people who are spending the majority of the time confined to the four walls of their abodes.


Not only does digital media offer a variety of entertainment sources to consume, but it is also helping authorities in maintaining social distancing during COVID-19 amongst the populace – the most important factor in curbing the spread of this lethal infection. 


There is one more important advantage of digital media that a lot of these social researchers have started to notice: the birth of the well informed and well prepared digital media consumer. When it comes to information, digit media has no dearth of it; not for no reason is it called the information superhighway. 


With social media, we can shoot scientifically correct information to any person, directly, who needs it capsuled in a form that they would love to consume. Resulting in a large proportion of well informed online populace. A constant stream of important information consequently creates preparedness in their minds. 


Some of these socially responsible people, in turn, start blogging to further proliferate life-saving knowledge. User-generated awareness such as insightful blogs, to-the-point tweets with perfect uses of hashtags, informative AVs, infographics and more create an ideal miniverse where consumers dive in and emerge enriched and empowered.  


Online users with large digital following are also known as Social Media Influencers. Their words carry more gravitas as their reach and influence can truly impact society. Information spurted out by such mouthpieces can have a more desirable effect than a random blog or video by a relatively unknown digital media content creator. 


Coming back to social distancing, we can never underestimate the sheer influence and pull of online multiplayer video games. These games can have at a time thousands or maybe millions of participants vying to achieve a single objective. We realize social distancing in its truest sense, when each of these players partakes in these highly psychologically rewarding activities for hours and hours, right from the comfort of their home.


From working from home, interacting with colleagues and seniors, getting schooled and tutored, to ordering your favourite food or a required accessory, from watching your beloved web series to devouring your preferred cinema, from playing games to socializing with friends and family via video calls – everything is now at your fingertips, all thanks to digital technologies. 


Ambest Brandcom, a leading social media agency in Mumbai which specializes in creating mind-blowing online content, wishes to see everyone safely pass this pandemic and resurface on the other end with a bang. But, right now, it’s time to wisen up. So pick up your tablet and leap into the exhilarating world of digital media.  

How Digital World Makes Social Distancing Easier During COVID-19

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